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July 22nd, 2005
@ 1:42am]
[ mood | busy ]

inject, as you can tell I gave you maintainer status here cause I trust you to look after both parakiss_rating and here while I'm on my vaca (Ireland!!!). I'm leaving the 25th (Monday) and won't be back until...well, I forget, actually, but it'll be a little less than 2 weeks. I'm thinking about getting another Mod or something, but you're the only one I really know and trust in this comm so far so I'm giving it to you >_< The job's pretty easy, tho, since we haven't started the game yet. Add players as they come in, make sure they've been stamped as the character they apply as over at parakiss_rating (btw, I'm going to have to ask you to stamp them for me, sorry! (perhaps I should promote the general mod spot there again? O_o), but that's easy, too, if you have mozilla you can just rightclick and click "copy image location" of the picture stamps.

Anyway, in this comm, just add players to the main page, make sure they know how we operate, that they know the rules, and that they are stamped as that character. That's about it.

Seriously, I'm going to try to get a mod over at parakiss_rating to help out. Sorry to dump this all on you.


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July 20th, 2005
@ 11:49pm]

here;s my Arashi journal just to let you all know. ^^;


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July 19th, 2005
@ 10:54pm]

hmmm, I was wondering if I could have george? [no pun intended, that is]

if so, I have created a journal for such..


working on a layout, etc.

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July 19th, 2005
@ 4:10am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Still trying to think of a good name for Hiroyuki's journal, heh. Any ideas?

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Friends-Lock Lists for main cast: [Tuesday
July 19th, 2005
@ 3:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

Yukari's Friendlist
Includes...Miwako, Hiroyuki, Arashi, Mikako, Secondary characters (to player's content) and Kaori (to player's content).

Georges's Friendlist
Includes...Miwako, Isabella, Seiji, Hamada, Kaori, and other Secondary characters (to player's content).

Isabella's Friendlist
Includes...George, Miwako (to player's content), and Secondary characters (to player's content).

Arashi's Friendlist
Includes...Miwako, Mikako, Yukari, Hiroyuki (to player's content), Hamada (to player's content), and other Secondary characters (to player's content).

Miwako's Friendlist
Includes...Arashi, Mikako, Yukari, Hiroyuki, George, Kaori, Isabella (to player's content), Seiji (to player's content), and other Secondary characters (to player's content).

Mikako's Friendslist
Includes...Miwako, Hamada, Seiji, George, Isabella (to player's content), Yukari, Hiroyuki (to player's content), and other Secondary characters (to the player's content).

Kaori's Friendlist
Includes...Hamada, Miwako, Yukari (to player's content), George, Isabella (to player's content), and other Secondary characters (to player's content).

Hiroyuki's Friendlist
Includes...Yukari, Miwako, Arashi (to player's content), and other Secondary characters (to player's content).

Other characters can decide whoever they want to be on their list.

REMEMBER!!! All characters *WILL* be added to your friends list on your character journal, just that you can't SEE their locked posts if you're not on their lists!

Lists will be changed/altered during the game. This is what they look like when they start out. =)

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